The following updates were made on 1 July 2016


Date File Details
1-Jul-2016 Airf-AT Further information on AT-7, AT-11B and AT-17
1-Jul-2016 Airf-C Additional serials for C-45 versions, further information on UC-78; further information on C-123B
1-Jul-2016 Airf-CQ Additional serials for CQ-3
1-Jul-2016 Airf-H Corrected serials for UH-72A
1-Jul-2016 Airf-R Additional serials for F-2
1-Jul-2016 Airf-T Introduction of JT-28, ET-28, JT-28A and ET-28A designations and additional serials for T-28D; additional information for XPT-15
1-Jul-2016 Navy-B Furter information on JRB and SNB versions
1-Jul-2016 TriServ-A Additional serials for A-10C and OA-10A; designations CA-4E, CA-4F and TCA-4F.
1-Jul-2016 TriServ-B Inclusion of B-21
1-Jul-2016 TriServ-U Additional serials for RU-6A
1-Jul-2016 Undes N-S Further information on NAF SA

The following updates were made on 1 January 2016

Date File Details
1 Jan 2016 Airf-A Additional serials for TB-26B, details of TA-26C
1 Jan 2016 Airf-C Details of AC-130J; additional serials for EC-45F, C-130J, HC-130J, KC-130J, MC-130J, C-145A;
1 Jan 2016 Airf-F Additional serials for QF-86F, QF-104A, JQF-104A
1 Jan 2016 Airf-H Additional serials for MH-47G, CH-53E, YCH-53K, OH-58D, JUH-60A, UH-60L, MH-60M, UH-60M, MH-60R, MH-60S, MH-60T, AH-64D, AH-64E, MH-65D and UH-72A
1 Jan 2016 Navy-B Additional serials for SNB-5
1 Jan 2016 Navy-J Additional serials for SNJ-5B
1 Jan 2016 Navy-Y Details of PJY designation
1 Jan 2016 TriServ-A Additional serials for A-10C and A-29A
1 Jan 2016 TriServ-B Details of LRSB in B-3
1 Jan 2016 TriServ-C Additional serials for C-5M, C-27J, C-37 and KC-46A.
1 Jan 2016 TriServ-E Additional serials for TE-2C, E-2C and E02D
1 Jan 2016 TriServ-F Additional serials for F-16C, F-16D, F/A-18E. F/A-18F, EA-18G, F-35A and F-35B
1 Jan 2016 TriServ-G Serials and regstrations for TG-16A
1 Jan 2016 TriServ-P Additional serials for P-8A
1 Jan 2016 TriServ-Q Additional serials for RQ-4A, MQ-8C, MQ-9A, MQ-9B and RQ-21A
1 Jan2016 TriServ-U Additional serials for U-2D
1 Jan 2016 TriServ-V Details of UV-18C, CV-22B, MV-22B and UV-23


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