References and Photos



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Photos are not captioned as to sub-type, unless there is some reason to include a caption.

In the selection of photos, particularly where aircraft have been redesignated, care has been taken to ensure that the photo actually shows an aircraft covered by the designation, rather than a ‘generic’ photo. Similarly, where vintage or preserved aircraft have been shown, they are aircraft which, in operational life, were covered by the designation. However, in some instances a non-representative photo has been included for illustration purposes only. Such instances have been clearly indicated.

Where known the author (ie the original photographer), or alternatively, the source of the photo has been recorded below the photo. A source does not necessarily indicate the photo’s author.

Photos have been drawn from a wide variety of sources and have been collected over a large number of years either from books or through the internet. Where possible, permission has been requested to use the photos, however, in a number of instances, the passage of time has made it impossible to determine the author or source and/or to contact them. This is especially the case with the many photos published in the past by the military services and the aircraft manufacturers.

As these photos are considered essential in providing an as complete as possible coverage of the topic, it has been assumed that these photos are in the ‘public domain’ and that publication of the photos, be it through a book or a website, did imply permission to reproduce, unless otherwise stated in that book or website.

If the inclusion of any photo infringes on existing copyrights, please contact the author and appropriate action will be taken.

The specific permission to use photos from the collections of Mr. William T. Larkins, Mr. K. O. Eckland (for and Mr. Bill Norton as well as the many contributors to the website, is acknowledged.

The author welcomes photos or illustrations of aircraft for which no photo/illustration is shown.

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