US Air Force and predecessors (Aircraft of the US Air Force and predecessors have been arranged by designation code)

  • September 1919 to May 1924 designation system
  • A Attack
  • A Amphibian
  • AG Assault Glider
  • AT Advanced Trainer
  • B Bomber
  • BC Basic Combat
  • BG Bomb Glider
  • BLR Bombardment‑Long Range
  • BQ Controllable Bomb
  • BT Basic Trainer
  • C Transport
  • CG Transport Glider
  • CQ Target Control
  • F Reconnaissance
  • F Fighter
  • FG Fuel Glider
  • FM Fighter‑Multi place
  • G Autogyro
  • G Glider
  • GL Glider
  • H Helicopter
  • HB Heavy Bombardment
  • K Tanker
  • L Liaison
  • LB Light Bombardment
  • O Observation
  • OA Amphibian
  • OQ Aerial Target‑Unmanned
  • P Fighter
  • PB Fighter‑Biplane
  • PG Powered Glider
  • PQ Aerial Target‑Manned
  • PT Primary Trainer
  • Q Target Drone
  • R Helicopter
  • R Reconnaissance
  • S Sonic Test
  • S Search‑and‑Rescue
  • S Sailplane
  • T Trainer
  • TG Training Glider
  • U Utility
  • UC Utility Transport
  • V Convertiplane
  • X Research

US Navy (Aircraft of the US Navy have been arranged by manufaturer’s code)

  • A Aeromarine, Allied, Atlantic, Brewster, General, Noorduyn
  • B Beechcraft, Boeing, Budd, Aerial
  • BS Blackburn
  • C Cesnna, Convertawings, Culver, Curtiss, De Havilland Canada
  • CH Caspar
  • D Douglas, McDonnell, Radioplane, Frankfort
  • DH De Havilland
  • DW Dayton‑Wright
  • E Bellanca, Edo, Elias, Gould, Hiller, Piper, Pratt‑Read
  • F Fairchild (Canada), Fokker, Grumman
  • G Gallaudet, Eberhart, Globe, Goodyear, Great Lakes, AGA
  • H Hall‑Aluminium, Howard, Huff‑Daland, McDonnell, Stearman‑Hammond, Snead
  • HP Handley Page
  • J Berliner Joyce, General, North American
  • JL Junkers Larsen
  • K Fairchild (Kreidner Reisner), Kaiser, Kaman, Keystone, Kinner, J.V. Martin, Kreidner Reisner, Nash‑Kelvinator
  • L Bell, Columbia, Loening, Langley, LWF
  • M Martin, General Motors, McCullough
  • N Gyrodyne, Naval Aircraft Factory
  • L ockheed, Piper, Viking
  • P Piasecki, Piper, Pitcairn, Spartan, Vertol
  • PL Parnall
  • Q Bristol, Fairchild, Stinson, Ward Hall
  • R Aeronca, American, Brunswick‑Baltic‑Collender, Ford, Interstate, Maxson, Radioplane, Ryan
  • RO Romeo
  • S Schweizer, Sikorsky, Stearman, Stout, Sperry, Supermarine
  • T New Standard, Northrop, Taylorcraft, Temco, Timm, Thomas Morse
  • U Vought
  • V Lockheed, Vultee, Vickers (Canada)
  • VK Vickers (UK)
  • W Waco, Wright, Willy’s Overland, Canadian Car & Foundry
  • X Cox Klemin
  • Y Consolidated (Convair)
  • Z Pennsylvania Aircraft

US Army (Aircraft of the US Army from 1956 to 1962 have been arranged by designation code)

  • 1956-1962

Tri-service (Aircraft have been arranged by designation code)

Undesignated aircraft (Undesignated aircraft have been arranged in alphabetical oorder)

  • A – Co
  • Cu – F
  • G – M
  • N – S
  • T – Z

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