The dividing line between aircraft and missiles (or unmanned aerial vehicles), has not always been clearly expressed in the designation systems. At times vehicles which were clearly missiles, were classified within aircraft series and, conversely, some winged ‑ but remotely controlled ‑ vehicles, were classified as missiles.

Over time US military missiles have been designated in a variety of ways with frequent overlaps from one designation system to another. The following notes briefly describe these systems as well as lists the various designations in table form. It is not the intention to discuss missiles in the same detail as aircraft, unless a missile has been included in an aircraft designation series.

For a detailed discussion on US military rockets and missiles, reference is made to the work of A. Parsch.

Last updated: 1 February 2015

Air Force

Prior to 1948 the Air Force used the GB (Glide Bomb), JB (Jet Bomb) and VB (Vertical Bomb) classifications for missiles.


JB-2 (Source: USAF)

GB‑1                 Aeronca                        (pre-set glide path)

GB‑2                 Bellanca                        (pre-set glide path)

GB‑3                 Timm                            (pre-set glide path)

GB‑4                 ATSC                            (television controlled)

GB‑5                 Aeronca                        (GB-1 with light contrast seeker)

GB‑6                 Aeronca                        (GB-1 with infrared seeker)

GB‑7                 Aeronca                        (GB-1 with passive radar homing)

GB‑8                 Aeronca                        (GB-1 with radio control)

GB‑9                 ATSC                            (GB-4 for ground skimming)

GB‑10               Aeronca                        (GB-1 with television control)

GB‑11               Aeronca                        (GB-1 for chemicals dispersal)

GB‑12               Aeronca                        (as GB-5C)

GB‑13               Aeronca                        (as GB-5D, with flare seeker)

GB‑14               Aeronca                        (GB-7B with active radar homing)

GB‑15               ATSC

Table 1: Glide Bombs


JB‑1                 Northrop MX-543           (flying wing)

JB‑2                 Ford                             (V‑1 derivative)

JB‑3                 Hughes Tiamat              (rocket propelled)

JB‑4                 AAF                              (pulsejet)

JB‑5                 cancelled                      (wingless rocket)

JB‑6                 cancelled                      (supersonic rocket)

JB‑7                 reserved                       (pilotless jet bomber)

JB‑8                 Boewing GAPA             (surface to air missile)

JB‑9                 reserved                       (surface to air missile

JB‑10                Northrop MX-554           (flying wing with pulse jet)

Table 2: Jet Bombs


VB‑1                 Bell Azon

VB‑2                 Bell Razon        (907 kg bomb)

VB‑3                 Bell Razon

VB‑4                 Bell Razon

VB‑5                 AMC                 (454 kg bomb)

VB‑6                 AMC Felix

VB‑7                 AMC                 (tv equipped)

VB‑8                 AMC                 (tv equipped)

VB‑9                 Douglas Roc

VB‑10               Douglas Roc

VB‑11               Douglas Roc

VB‑12               Douglas Roc

VB‑13               Bell Tarzon

Table 3: Vertical Bomb

In addition the aircraft designations BQ, CQ and OQ have included some vehicles which could be considered as missiles or unmanned aerial vehicles.


On 30 April 1947 a joint service system of missile designation was introduced, consisting of a three letter code indicating the type of missle, followed by the letter N (for Navy), A (for Air Force) or G (for Army), followed by a sequence number. The various designations were

AAM – Air‑to‑air missile

AGM – Air‑to‑ground missile

AIM – Air intercept missile

ASM – Air‑to‑surface missile

AUM – Air‑to‑underwater missile

CTV – Control Guidance test vehicle

FTV – Flight test vehicle

LTV – Launch test vehicle

PTV – Propulsion test vehicle

RTV – Research vehicle

SAM – Surface‑to‑air missile

SSM – Surface‑to‑surface missile

SUM – Surface‑to‑underwater missile


The Air Force designations used in this designation system are listed in table 4.

AAM‑A‑1                       Ryan Firebird

AAM‑A‑2                       Hughes Falcon


ASM-A-1                       Bell Tarzon

ASM-A-2                       Bell Rascal


LTV-A-1            Willys-Overland Loon


RTV‑A‑1                        Aerojet Aerobee

RTV‑A‑2                        Convair Hiroc

RTV‑A‑3                        North American NATIV

RTV‑A‑4                        Bell Shrike

RTV‑A‑5                        North American X-10


SAM-A-1                       Boeing GAPA


SSM‑A‑1                       Martin Matador

SSM‑A‑2                       North American Navaho

SSM‑A‑3                       Northrop N-25 Snark

SSM‑A‑4                       North American Navaho II

SSM‑A‑5                      Northrop Boojum

SSM‑A‑6                       North American Navaho III


SSM‑A‑8                       General Electric Hermes A3a

SSM‑A‑9                       General Electric Hermes B2



Table 4: Air Force missiles (1947 system)

During the same period and until 1951, some Air Force missiles were rated as research vehicles and were designated with an MX number.

In March 1951 the Air Force decided to distinguish between ‘robot aircraft’ and ‘guided rockets’. Robot aircraft were initially included in aircraft designations (in particular the B, F and X series).

At a later date it was decided to use more specific letters in the designation of missiles. In doing so, the numerical series established by the B series was continued although none of the later missiles were ever assigned a ‘B’ designation and were, often, not equipped to perform ‘bomber missions’.

The designations used were:

AGM – Air‑to‑ground missile

AGR – Air‑to‑ground rocket

GAM – Guided aircraft missile

GAR – Guided aircraft rocket

IM – Interception missile

RM – Reconnaissance missile

SM – Strategic missile

TM – Tactical missile


GAR‑1              Hughes Falcon (became AIM‑4)

GAR‑2              Hughes Falcon  (became AIM‑4)

GAR‑3              Hughes Falcon (became AIM‑4)

GAR‑4              Hughes Falcon  (became AIM‑4)

GAR‑5              Hughes Falcon (not built)

GAR‑6              Hughes Falcon (nuclear warhead)


GAR‑8              Philco Sidewinder (became AIM‑9)

GAR‑9              Hughes Falcon (became AIM‑47)


GAR‑11             Hughes Falcon  (became AIM‑4)

Table 5: GAR


It is understood that the Air Force revised and extended its missile designation system in late 1961. The new system included all kinds of unmanned aerospace vehicles, including satellites and spacecraft and the following designation letters have been listed:

Vehicle Type:

G – Booster

J – Spacecraft

M – Missile

P – Probe

R – Rocket

S – Satellite

Missile Launching Method:

A – Aircraft

C – Coffin

G – Ground Vehicle

H – Silo

M – Multiple

P – Soft Pad

R – Railroad Car

S – Space


B – Communications

C – Cargo and Logistic Supply

E – Early Warning

I – Intercept

K – Tanker

N – Test

P – Propulsion

Q – Target

R – Reconnaissance

S – Strategic

W – Weather

X – Research


It is not known in which sequence the letters were supposed to be used (although Launch Method-Mission-Vehicle Type seems reasonable), or what numbering scheme was intended (e.g. one global sequence, or one per vehicle type). Because this designation system was effective only for a very short period of time, it has remained essentially unknown.



The Navy initially designated missiles in a separte system not unlike the aircraft system but with the initial letter K indicating a missile. The designations in this system were

KA – Pilotless target aircraft

KD – Target drone

KG – Pilotless ground target aircraft

KS – Pilotless ship target aircraft

KU – Pilotless submarine target aircraft


Table 6 lists the designations used.

KAM                 Martin Little Joe

KAN                 NAF Little Joe

KA2N                NAF Gorgon II

KA3N                NAF Gorgon III

KAQ                 Fairchild Lark

KAS                 Sperry Sparrow

KAY                 Convair Lark


KDA                 Ryan Firebee                 (also Q‑2)

KDB                 Beech Katybird             (became MQM‑39A)

KD2B               Beech Katybird             (became AQM‑37A, also Q‑12)

KDC                 Curtiss

KD2C               Curtiss Skeet

KD3C               Curtiss Skeet

KDD                 McDonnell Katydid

KDG                 Globe Snipe

KD2G               Globe Firefly

KD3G               Globe Snipe

KD4G               Globe Snail

KD5G               Globe

KD6G               Globe Firefly                 (became MQM‑40)

KDH                 McDonnell Katydid

KDM                 Martin Plover

KDN                 NAF Gorgon II

KD2N               NAF Gorgon

KDR                 Radioplane Quail

KD2R               Radioplane Shellduck    (became MQM‑36)

KD3R               Radioplane

KD4R               Radioplane RP-70

KDT                  Temco Teal

KDU                 Vought Regulus I           (became BQM‑6)

KD2U               Vought Regulus II          (became MQM‑15)


KGN                 NAF Gorgon II C

KGW                Willys-Overland Loon


KSD                 McDonnell 25 Gargoyle


KUD                 McDonnell 25 Gargoyle

KUM                 Martin Gorgon IV

KUN                 NAF Gorgon II

KU2N                NAF Gorgon

KU3N                NAF Gorgon IIIA


KU5N                NAF Gorgon IIIC

KUW                 Willys-Overland Loon

Table 6: K series



KDT (Source: US Navy)

In addition the TD (Target Drone) series of aircraft designations have been used.

On 30 April 1947 the Navy adopted the joint service designation system, as described earlier. (Numbers AAM-N-1, ASM-N-1/3, AUM-M-1/3/5, SAM-N-1/3/5, SSM-N-1/3/5/7, SUM-N-1, CTV-N-1/3/5/7, LTV-N-1/3, PTV-N-1/3 and RTV-N-1/3/5/7/9/11 were not assigned, because the Navy initially used even numbers only.)

AAM‑N‑1                       not assigned

AAM‑N‑2                       Sperry Sparrow I                       (became AIM‑7)

AAM‑N‑3                       Douglas Sparrow                      (became AIM‑7)

AAM‑N‑4                       Martin Oriole

AAM‑N‑5                       Bell Meteor

AAM‑N‑6                       Raytheon Sparrow 3                  (became AIM‑7)

AAM‑N‑7                       Philco Sidewinder                      (became AIM‑9)


AAM‑N‑9                       ? Sparrow

AAM‑N‑10                     Bendix Eagle

AAM‑N‑11                     Hughes Phoenix                                    (became AIM‑54)


ASM‑N‑1                       not assigned

ASM‑N‑2                       Fairchild Bat

ASM‑N‑3                       not assigned

ASM‑N‑4                       Eastman Kodak Dove

ASM‑N‑5                       Martin Gorgon

ASM‑N‑6                       Eastman Kodak Omar

ASM‑N‑7                       Martin Bullpup                           (became AGM‑12)

ASM‑N‑8                       Vought Corvus

ASM‑N‑9                       ? Raven

ASM‑N‑10                     NWC Shrike                              (became AGM‑45)

ASM‑N‑11                     Rockwell Condor                       (became AGM‑54)


AUM‑N‑1                       not assigned

AUM‑N‑2                       Fairchild Petrel                          (became AQM‑41)

AUM‑N‑3                       not assigned

AUM‑N‑4                       ? Diver

AUM‑N‑5                       not assigned

AUM‑N‑6                       McDonnell Puffin


CTV‑N‑1                        not assigned

CTV‑N‑2                        NAF Gorgon IIC

CTV‑N‑3                        not assigned

CTV‑N‑4                        NAF Gorgon IIA

CTV‑N‑5                        not assigned

CTV‑N‑6                        NAF Gorgon IIIA

CTV‑N‑7                        not assigned

CTV‑N‑8                        Applied Physics Lab Bumblebee

CTV‑N‑9                        Fairchild Lark

CTV‑N‑10                      Ranger Lark


FTV‑N‑3                        Lockheed                                  (also X‑17)


LTV-N-1            not assigned

LTV-N-2            Willys-Overland Loon


PTV‑N‑1                        not assigned

PTV‑N‑2                        Martin Gorgon IV

PTV-N-3                        not assigned

PTV-N-4                        Applied Physics Lab Bumblebee


RTV‑N‑1                        not assigned

RTV‑N‑2                        McDonnell 25 Gargoyle

RTV‑N‑3                        not assigned

RTV‑N‑4                        NAF Gorgon IIIC

RTV‑N‑5                        not assigned

RTV‑N‑6                        Applied Physics Lab Bumblebee

RTV‑N‑7                        not assigned

RTV‑N‑8                        Aerojet Aerobee

RTV‑N‑9                        not assigned

RTV‑N‑10                      Aerojet Aerobee

RTV‑N‑11                      not assigned

RTV‑N‑12                      Martin Viking

RTV-N-13                      Aerojet Aerobee


RTV-N-15                      NADC Pollux

RTV-N-16                      Martin Oriole


SAM‑N‑1                       not assigned

SAM‑N‑2                       Fairchild Lark

SAM‑N‑3                       not assigned

SAM‑N‑4                       Convair Lark

SAM‑N‑5                       not assigned

SAM‑N‑6                       Bendix Talos                             (became RIM‑8)

SAM‑N‑7                       Gen. Dyn. Terrier                       (became RIM‑2)

SAM‑N‑8                       Bendix Typhon (LR)                   (became RIM‑50)

SAM‑N‑9                       Bendix Typhon (MR)                  (became RIM‑55)


SSM‑N‑1                       not assigned

SSM‑N‑2                       McDonnell Triton

SSM‑N‑3                       not assigned

SSM‑N‑4                       McDonnell Triton

SSM‑N‑5                      not assigned

SSM‑N‑6                       Grumman Rigel

SSM‑N‑7                       not assigned

SSM‑N‑8                       Vought Regulus I                       (became RGM‑6)

SSM‑N‑9                       Vought Regulus II                      (became RGM-15)


SUM‑N‑1                       not assigned

SUM‑N‑2                       Bureau of Standards Grebe

SUM‑N‑3                       ? Grebe

Table 7: Navy missiles


SSM-N-8 (Source: US Navy)



On 30 April 1947 the Army adopted the joint service designation system, as described earlier.

By 1951, the Army started to use the service letter A instead of G. Also the designations RV for research vehicle and TV for training vehicle were introduced. The system was further modified by adopting a single numerical series irrespective of the type of the missile.


RTV-G-1            JPL WAC Corporal                                            Also RV-A-1

RTV-G-2            JPL Corporal E                                                 Also RV-A-2

RTV-G-3            General Electric Hermes II                                  Also RV-A-3

RTV-G-4            General Electric Bumper (A4 + WAC Corporal)    Also RV-A-4

CTV-G-5            General Electric Hermes A-1                               Also RV-A-5

RTV-G-6            General Electric Hermes B-1                               Also RV-A-6

SAM-G-7           Western Electric Nike Ajax

SSM-G-8           General Electric Hermes                                     Also RV-A-8

SSM-G-9           General Electric Hermes B-2                               Also SSM-A-9

RTV-G-10          General Electric (test vehicle for Hermes A-2)      Also RV-A-10


SSM-G-12         Martin Lacrosse

SSM-G-13         General Electric Hermes A-2                               Also SSM-A-13

SSM-G-14         Chrysler Redstone                                             Also SSM-A-14

SSM-G-15         General Electric Hermes A-1                               Also SSM-A-15

SSM-G-16         General Electric Hermes A-3B                            Also SSM-A-16

SSM-G-17         JPL/Firestone Corporal                                      Also SSM-A-17

SAM-A-18         Raytheon Hawk

SAM-A-19         Sylvania Electric Plato (missile defense project)



RV-A-22            Martin/Convair Lark

SSM-A-23         Aerophysics Development Corp Dart


SAM-A-25         Western Electric Nike Hercules


SSM-A-27         Sperry/JPL Sergeant

Table 8 : Army missiles to 1955


From June 1955, the Army designated missiles in a separate M series although there remains some doubt whether this was a single series.


M1                    Douglas Nike Ajax                                 (became MIM‑3)

M2                    Firestone Corporal                                 (became MGM‑5)

M3                    Raytheon Hawk

M4                    Martin Lacrosse                                     (became MGM‑18)


M6                    Douglas Nike Hercules                          (became MIM‑14)


M8                    Chrysler Redstone                                 (became PGM-11)

M9                    Chrysler Redstone                                 (became PTM-11B)




M13                  Usamicom Shillelag                               (became MGM‑51)

M14                  Martin Pershing                                     (became MGM‑31)

M15                  Usamicom Sergeant                              (became MGM‑29)

M16                  Raytheon Hawk                                     (became MTM-23B)


M18                  Raytheon Hawk                                     (became MTM-23C)

M19                  Martin Pershing                                     (became MTM-31B)


M21                  Ryan Firebee                                         (became BMG‑34)










M31                  Douglas Honest John                            (became MGR‑1)

M32                  Emerson Little John                               (became MGR‑3)









M41                  General Dynamics Redeye                     (became FIM-43)






M47                  Emerson Little John                               (became MGR‑3)

M48                  Philco-Ford Chapparel


M50                  Hercules Honest John                            (became MGR‑1B)

M51                  Emerson Little John                               (became MGR‑3)




M‑55                 Norris Bolt













M-68                 Univac Sergeant

Table 9: Army M Series



M-31 (Source: US Army)



On 18 September 1962 a tri‑service designation system for missiles, rockets and probes was introduced. The designation consisted of three letters or which the first letter indicated the launch environment:

A          Air

B          Multiple environment

C          Coffin

F          Individual

G          Runway

H          Silo stored

L          Silo launched

M         Mobile

P          Soft pad

R          Ship

U          Underwater


The second letter indicates the mission:


D          Decoy

E          Electronics

G          Surface attack

I           Interception

Q          Drone

T          Training

U          Underwater attack

W         Weather


The final letter indicates the vehicle:


M         Missile

N          Probe

R          Rocket


A sequential number is assigned within each type of vehicle.



M‑1                   Martin MGM‑1 Matador

M‑2                   General Dynamicsa RIM‑2 Terrier

M‑3                   Douglas MIM‑3 Ajax

M‑4                   Hughes AIM‑4 Falcon

M‑5                   Firestone MGM‑5 Corporal

M‑6                   Vought RGM‑6 Regulus I

M‑7                   Raytheon AIM‑7 Sparrow

M‑8                   Bendix RIM‑8 Talos

M‑9                   Philco AIM‑9 Sidewinder

M‑10                 Boeing CQM‑10 Bomarc

M‑11                 Chrysler PGM‑11 Redstone

M‑12                 Martin AGM‑12 Bullpup

M‑13                 Martin CGM‑13 Mace

M‑14                 Douglas MIM‑14 Nike Hercules

M‑15                 Vought RGM‑15 Regulus II

M‑16                 Convair CGM‑16 Atlas

M‑17                 Douglas PGM‑17 Thor

M‑18                 Cornell MGM‑18 Lacrosse

M‑19                 Chrysler PGM‑19 Jupiter

M‑20                 McDonnell ADM‑20 Quail

M‑21                 Nord AGM‑21 SS10

M‑22                 Nord AGM‑22

M‑23                 Raytheon MIM‑23 Hawk

M‑24                 Convair RIM‑24 Tartar Basic

M‑25                 Martin LGM‑25 Titan

M‑26                 Hughes AIM‑26 Falcon

M‑27                 Lockheed UGM‑27 Polaris

M‑28                 North American AGM‑28 Hound Dog

M‑29                 Usanicom MGM‑29 Sergeant

M‑30                 Boeing MGM‑30 Minuteman

M‑31                 Martin MGM‑31 Pershing

M‑32                 Nord MGM‑32 Entac

M‑33                 Northrop MQM‑33

M‑34                 Ryan BQM‑34 Firebee

M‑35                 Bendix AQM‑35 Talos

M‑36                 Northrop MQM‑36 Shelduck

M‑37                 Beech AQM‑37 1019

M‑38                 Radioplane AQM‑38 RP76

M‑39                 Beech MQM‑39 Cardinal

M‑40                 Globe MQM‑40

M‑41                 Fairchild AQM‑41 Petrel

M‑42                 North American MQM‑42 Redhead Road Runner

M‑43                 Usamicom FIM‑33 Red Eye

M‑44                 Goodyear UUM‑44 Subroc

M‑45                 Texas Instr. AGM‑45 Shrike

M‑46                 Convair RIM‑46 Sea Mauler

M‑47                 Hughes AIM‑47 Falcon

M‑48                 Douglas AGM‑48 Skybolt

M‑49                 Douglas LIM‑49 Nike Zeus

M‑50                 Bendix RIM‑50 Typhon

M‑51                 Usamicon MGM‑51 Shillelagh

M‑52                 Usamicom MGM‑52 Lance

M‑53                 Rockwell AGM‑53 Condor

M‑54                 Hughes AIM‑54 Phoenix

M‑55                 Bendix RIM‑55 Typhon

M‑56                 Nord PQM‑56 CT41

M‑57                 Northrop MQM‑57 Falconer

M‑58                 Aerojet MQM‑58 Overseer

M‑59                 Lockheed RGM‑59 Taurus

M‑60                 Lockheed AQM‑60 Kingfisher

M‑61                 Beech MQM‑61 Cardinal

M‑62                 Martin AGM‑62 Walleye

M‑63                ?   AGM-63

M‑64                 Rockwell AGM‑64 Hornet

M‑65                 Hughes AGM‑65 Maverick

M‑66                 General Dynamics RIM‑66 Standard

M‑67                 General Dynamics RIM‑67 Standard

M‑68                 General Dynamics ZAIM-68 Quirky

M‑69                 Boeing AGM‑69 SRAM

M‑70                ? LEM-70A

M‑71                 Usamicom BGM‑71 Tow

M‑72                 Usamicom MIM‑72 Chapparal

M‑73                 Lockheed UGM‑73 Poseidon

M‑74                 Northrop MQM‑74 Chuckar

M‑75                ?   BGM-75A AICBM

M‑76                 Hughes AGM‑76 Maverick

M‑77                 McDonnell Douglas FGM‑77 Dragon

M‑78                 General Dynamics AGM‑78 Standard Arm

M‑79                 Martin AGM‑79 Blueeye

M‑80                 Chrysler AGM‑80 Viper

M‑81                 Teledyne AQM‑81 Firebolt

M‑82                 McDonnell Douglas AIM‑82

M‑83                 Texas Instr. AGM‑83 Bulldog

M‑84                 McDonnell Douglas RGM‑84 Harpoon

M‑85                 ?   RIM‑85

M‑86                 Boeing AGM‑86 ALCM

M‑87                 General Electric AGM‑87 Focus I

M‑88                 NWC AGM‑88 Harm

M‑89                ? ZUGM-89A Perseus

M‑90                 ?   BQM‑90 ASMT

M‑91                 Ryan AQM‑91 Compass Arrow

M‑92                 General Dynamics FIM‑92 Stinger

M‑93                 E Systems XQM‑93

M‑94                 Boeing XQM‑94 Compass

M‑95                 NWC AIM‑95 Agile

M‑96                 Lockheed UGM‑96 Trident

M‑97                 TBS AIM‑97 Seek Bat

M‑98                 Teledyne YQM‑98 Compass Cope

M‑99                Martin Marietta XLIM-99A Sprint I

M‑100               Martin Marietta XLIM-100A Sprint II

M‑101               McDonnell Douglas RIM‑101 Sparrow

M‑102               Sperry/Convair PQM‑102 Delta Dagger

M‑103               Teledyne XQM‑103 147G

M‑104               Raytheon MIM‑104 Patriot

M‑105               Lockheed MQM‑105 Aquila

M‑106               FDL BQM‑106 Teleplane

M‑107               Beech MQM‑107 Streaker

M‑108               NSROC BQM‑108 Vatol

M‑109               General Dynamics BGM‑109 Tomahawk

M‑110               Vought BGM‑110

M‑111               Teledyne BQM‑111 Firebrand

M‑112               Rockwell AGM-112 (as GBU-15)

M‑113               Naval Surface Weap. C. RIM-113

M‑114               Rockwell AGM‑114 Hellfire

M‑115               Hughes MIM‑115 Roland

M‑116               General Dynamics RIM‑116 Ram

M‑117               RS Systems FQM‑117 RCMAT

M‑118               Martin MGM‑118A Peacekeeper

M‑119               Kongsberg AGM‑119 Penguin

M‑120               Hughes AIM‑120 Amraam

M‑121               Boeing CGM‑121 Pave Tiger

M‑122               Motorola AGM‑122 Sidearm

M‑123               Emerson AGM‑123 Skipper

M‑124               Hughes AGM-124 Wasp

M‑125               Boeing RUM-125 Sea Lance

M‑126               Beech BQM‑126 997

M‑127               Martin Marietta AQM‑127

M‑128               ? AQM-128

M‑129               General Dynamics AGM‑129

M‑130               Rockwell AGM‑130

M‑131               Boeing AGM‑131 SRAM II

M‑132               British Aerospace AIM‑132 Asraam

M‑133               Lockheed UGM-133 Trident

M‑134               Martin MGM-134 Midgetman

M‑135               Vought ASM‑135

M‑136               Northrop AGM‑136 Tacit Rainbow

M‑137               Northrop AGM‑137 TSSAM

M‑138               Boeing CEM-138 Pave Cricket

M‑139               Loral RUM-139 Asrock

M‑140               LTV AGM-140

M‑141               Brunswick ADM‑141

M‑142               Rafael AGM‑142 Popeye

M‑143               Continental MQM-143 Mig27 model

M‑144               ? ADM-144A

M‑145               Teledyne BQM‑145

M‑146               Martin MIM-146 ADATS

M‑147               BAI Aerosystems BQM‑147 Exdrone

M‑148               Texas Instruments FGM-148 Javelin

M‑149               McDonnellDouglas? PQM-149

M‑150               IAI? PQM-150

M‑151               Aerovironment FQM‑151 Pointer

M‑152               General Dynamics AIM-152 AAAM

M‑153               ? AGM-153

M‑154               Texas Instruments AGM‑154

M‑155               Bell/IAI BQM‑155 Hunter

M-156               Raytheon RIM-156 Standard

M-157               Texas Instruments MGM-157 EFOGM

M-158               Lockheed AGM-158 Jassm

M-159               McDonnell-Douglas AGM-159

M-160               Northrop Grumman ADM-160 Mald

M-161               Standard Lissile RIM-161 Standard SM3

M-162               Raytheon RIM-162 ESSM

M-163               Orbital Sciences GQM-163 SSST Coyote

M-164               Lockheed Martin MGM-164 ATACMS

M-165               Raytheon RGM-165 LASM

M-166               Lockheed Martin MGM-166

M-167               Composite Eng BQM-167

M-168               Lockheed Martin MGM-168

M-169               Lockheed Martin AGM-169 JCM

M-170               Griffon MQM-170

M-171               Griffon MQM-171 Broadsword

M-172               Lockheed Matin FGM-172

M-173               ATK GQM-173 MSST

M-174               Raytheon RIM-174

M-175               EADS MQM-175

M-176               Raytheon AGM-176 Griffin

M-177               Composite BQM-177A

M-178               Composite MQM-178A Firejet


M-180               Northrop Grumman RQ-180

Table 10: Tri‑service missiles


R‑1                   Douglas MGR‑1 Honest John

R‑2                   Douglas AIR‑2 Genie

R‑3                   Emerson MRG‑3 Little John

R‑4                   NOTC RUR‑4 Weapon Alpha

R‑5                   Honeywell RUR‑5 Asroc

R‑6                   Vought MER‑6 Blue Scout Junior

R‑7                   Raytheon ADR‑7

R‑8                   Revere Copper & Brass ADR‑8

R‑9                   Tracor ADR‑9

R‑10                 Raytheon ADR‑10

R‑11                 ?   ADR‑11

R‑12                 ?   ADR-12

R‑13                 Usamicom MQR‑13

R‑14                 Martin AGR‑14 Zap

R‑15                 Usamicom MTR‑15

R‑16                 Atlantic Research MQR‑16 Gunrunner

R‑17                 General Dynamics FGR‑17 Viper

R-18                 Naval Ordnance GTR-18 Smokey Sam

Table 11: Tri‑service rockets


N‑1                   JPL PWN-1 Loki Dart

N‑2                   Aerojet PWN-2 Aerobee HI

N‑3                   Douglas PWN-3 Nike Cajun

N‑4                   Univ of Michigan Research Centre PWN-4 Exos

N‑5                   Cooper Dev. PWN‑5

N‑6                   Atlantic Research PWN‑6 Kitty

N‑7                   Atlantic Research PWN‑7 Rooster

N‑8                   Space Data Corp. PWN‑8 Loki

N‑9                   Aerojet/UTC PWN-9 Kangaroo

N‑10                 Space Data Corp. PWN‑10 Super Loki

N‑11                 Space Data Corp. PWN‑11 Super Loki

N‑12                 Space Data Corp. PWN‑12 Super Loki

Table 12: Tri‑service Probes


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