United States Military Aircraft has been arranged in the following parts with a number of pdf files in each part

  • Introduction (descriptions of the designations systems of aircraft, engines, missiles and other equipment)
  • Description of aircraft
    • US Air Force designated aircraft
    • US Navy designated aircraft
    • US Army designated aircraft
    • Tri‑service designated aircraft
    • Undesignated aircraft

For each aircraft which has been included in a designation system and/or were assigned serials, a detailed description is given.

This definition excludes certain aircraft which, for various reasons, were not included in a designation system and were not assigned a serial. The majority of such aircraft are those used by the American Expeditionary Force during World War I or those subject to Reverse Lend Lease arrangements during World War II.

The definition also excludes missiles, rockets and probes unless such vehicles were included in an aircraft designation system. However, listings of missiles, rockets and probes have been included for reference purposes.

The description for each aircraft is, of necessity brief and principally addresses the history of the aircraft type rather than the service history. It is acknowledged that sometimes there is an imbalance in the description in that some rarer aircraft are described in more detail than aircraft which were built in large quantities. This imbalance is however, compensated by the vast amount of other reference material available for those more common aircraft.

The specifications provided in the heading of each description refer usually to the most common version of the aircraft and divergences from those specifications have been included in the text.

The database does not include a listing of individual aircraft by serial number as such listings are readily available from other soruces on the internet, specifically Joe Baugher’s US Military Serials, at http://www.home.att.net/~jbaugher

The generalised type identification in the top left hand corner of each description is in the first instance a record identification only. As such the Lockheed Lightning may be found under the record identification of F‑38 although there never was an F‑38, the aircraft instead having been designated as P‑38 etc.

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